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Keeping Pace with the New Mind of Science

Keeping Pace with the New Mind of Science

Three Hundred years of industrialization has run its course and humanity has never been in a place of more uncertainty. As old ways and methods of forcing things to happen according to the dictates and mandates of progress give rise to more advanced methods of acting from a place of clarity and higher intention, eons of brain wiring are being pruned away to make-way for new methods of thinking, better ways of doing, and more contemplative means of just being.As humanity is waking up to the unconscious thoughts and feelings and attitudes that underlie adverse childhood experiences, and as science and technology continues to advance at ever increasing speeds, more people are saying YES! We are saying YES to raising our awareness of the reverberations that emanate from every thought and feeling.  We are saying YES to becoming more-and-more responsible for the energy of consciousness that produces EVERYTHING we see before us.

Our February meeting focused on healing the wounds and moving forward. Rick Griffin spoke about the importance of listening and validating the experience behind the stress and trauma. Many ACEs and resilience informed professionals are in agreement with Rick: we can’t expect people to move from a life of stress and trauma into a new paradigm of resilience if their source of pain has not been validated first. Regardless of the famous quote by Epictetus that we should listen twice as much as we speak, I’ve been learning that if we speak at all from traditional understandings, before learning about the new trauma informed language, we may well be trying to solve problems from the same paradigm that created the problems.

Rick also spoke about cognitive dissonance and if I understand Rick correctly, even though we often feel that our outer circumstances are the cause of our problems what’s really happening is that we are sabotaging ourselves because we have two opposing thoughts that present a struggle in our minds. For example: feeling that life should be a certain way and yet having unresolved past experiences can be paralyzing. Unresolved memories of stress and trauma can dampen cognitive abilities and cancel out desires for a better life.  Without awareness and self-regulating skills, there seems to be some invisible resistance that keeps us from having the life we really want.

Children’s Resilience Initiative is focused on the concept of “My Piece Matters”. Our January meeting initiated a new direction regarding an institutionalization of educational material into a certification structure.  CRI is developing a program that takes resilience to a new level and we are making it easy for everyone to join us.

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