• Available exclusively from the Children’s Resilience Initiative™, the deck includes 42 child focused Resilience Building Blocks to help build resilience into our children’s lives. Want to save 50% on the price of these cards? Check out our Resilience Games Kit & Deluxe Games Kit which include a 50% discounted rate for the deck of cards, used in all the games, to help teach & learn strategies! Download a free guide with concepts and ideas on how to use these cards...
  • This set of 10 cards is representative of the 10 ACE's at a child's level of understanding. It enhances the use of the resilience strategies with this younger population. It is for use with the Deck of Cards, for those who work with younger children. This set of 10 cards is representative of the 10 ACE's at a child's level of understanding. It enhances the use of the resilience strategies with this younger population. Cards come with both English and Spanish on the same card.
  • Yo-ho matey, are you ready for the pirate-themed Resilience Treasure Hunt kit? We have created everything you need to host an energetic, lively event where children and parents can practice ten critical resilience building block strategies.
  • Geared for elementary-aged children, this coloring book, available exclusively from Children’s Resilience Initiative™, uses age-appropriate language to teach 18 Resilience Building Blocks. Appropriate for both parents and teachers to use in conjunction with material in the handbook. Available in Spanish
  • This unique  5.5” x 8.5” booklet was designed to provide a crisp, concise description of each ACE in friendly, accessible language. Important facts are provided in ‘Did You Know?” segments, along with Resilience strategies that emphasize the foundational message of hope and healing. The booklet contains both English and Spanish descriptions of each ACE.
  • Free! Available exclusively from Children’s Resilience Initiative™, this brochure offers a brief introduction to ACEs and Resilience, with quick facts and helpful ideas.  Available in English and Spanish. Free!
  • Available exclusively from the Children’s Resilience Initiative™! Your child’s earliest experiences will determine how happy, successful and effective they will become as an adult. You, as their first teacher, have a powerful role to play in their development.
  • What a great way to mark a book, with our Resilience Six Tips Bookmark! Six of the most important resilience-building strategies are highlighted on this 2.25″ x 8.5” brightly colored card stock item. An important message about promoting the language of resilience is included. Great for libraries and schools too!
  • Available exclusively from Children’s Resilience Initiative™, this is a handy take home sheet for parents, with selected Resilience Tips and a reframing segment parents find helpful in changing key “mental models” about discipline. Available in Spanish!
  • A practical guide to community action to reduce ACEs and foster Resilience in your community. The Community Action Toolbox and Building a Work Plan sections offers the lessons learned during our community mobilization work on ACEs and Resilience.
  • Enjoy  tips, quotes and strategies that build your working knowledge and practice of the ACE, brain development, resilience and self-care research into daily practice!
    Each Monday features a "Did You Know?" tip. Tuesday focuses on a "Resilience" fact. Wednesday features a "Quote" from the many authors we have read. Thursday is a "Community Capacity" strategy. Friday features a "Self-Care"strategy to strengthen personal growth and mastery.
  • Use this template to create your own hands-on tool for helping children, students, clients, partners, parents, teachers (OK, ALL of us!) to identify their brain state!  FREE to download
    Jim Sporleder, retired principal of Lincoln High School, used this green, yello, red bulls-eye as a strategy to help students identify where they were in their brain states. This helped teach multiple skills, and it also modeled how to name, label and identify brain states. Our colleagues in Yolo County CA were so impressed with the stress "target", that they created a template and offer it to anyone interested in this tool! Thank you, Yolo County!

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