• Enjoy  tips, quotes and strategies that build your working knowledge and practice of the ACE, brain development, resilience and self-care research into daily practice!
    Each Monday features a "Did You Know?" tip. Tuesday focuses on a "Resilience" fact. Wednesday features a "Quote" from the many authors we have read. Thursday is a "Community Capacity" strategy. Friday features a "Self-Care"strategy to strengthen personal growth and mastery.
  • Designed to emphasize the key points on Brain States. Available in English or Spanish!
  • Our Super Heroes book introduces ten very special children, facing challenging life experiences such as homelessness and bullying. Beautiful child-friendly graphics show why it is important to understand how our brains respond to stress, and how we can learn to manage our responses by building a toolkit of strategies. This is an interactive book, encouraging use of the 42 resilience strategies from the child-focused deck of cards, from a child's perspective.
  • A practical guide to community action to reduce ACEs and foster Resilience in your community. The Community Action Toolbox and Building a Work Plan sections offers the lessons learned during our community mobilization work on ACEs and Resilience.
  • NEWS! Based on customer feedback, we are upgrading the 10 paper games into a FULL KIT!!  Now printed on sturdy game mats and with ALL the materials you need to play!  A sturdy game box holds it all! No more searching for game accessories, or dealing with the paper games. Deck of Cards (at a 50% discounted rate) included. Only $29 more for the FULL KIT than a Deck alone (sold individually for $20). The previous Games kit instruction booklet had some errors in it. If you previously purchased the Games Kit, you may download an updated instruction booklet as a pdf file here...
  • Want to emphasize the importance of building resilience across all age groups? Our 2’ x 3’ poster does this! Available in English or Spanish!
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    Great new strategy for teaching resilience! As a companion kit to the children’s resilience coloring book, 18 resilience magnets can now be featured on your refrigerator door or classroom wall with an accompanying set of 50 word magnets describing each resilience card. The 18 magnets are each 2.5 x 3.5 inches, the same size as the deck of cards, and the 50 word magnets, which tear apart individually, come as a 5.5 x 5.5 in square set. The idea is that a parent or teacher can feature one resilience strategy a week, and help the child select one or more of the smaller magnets to describe that strategy. Many words focus on feelings, emotions and vocabulary that promote an understanding and use of resilience building blocks.
  • Many asked for it, and so we are responding by providing the 42 adult resilience strategies in a 6 x 6 inch desktop stand! Now you can practice a mindfulness moment daily as you read and reflect on a strategy every day!
  • Important:  The Real Life Super Heroes Story Book requires the Child Focused Resilience Building Blocks Deck of Cards and Handbook to be used effectively.  This is the Real Life Super Heroes Story Book ONLY, DOES NOT INCLUDE Child Focused Resilience Building Blocks Deck of Cards and Handbook.  Only purchase this book if you already have the Child Focused Resilience Building Blocks Deck of Cards and Handbook.
  • These bookmarks use child friendly language to teach life skills to children! A bright and colorful 3" x 9" bookmark will brighten up any book. Every child deserves to learn about resilience strategies from the adults involved in their lives, so share broadly!  Available in English and Spanish!
  • Yo-ho matey, are you ready for the pirate-themed Resilience Treasure Hunt kit? We have created everything you need to host an energetic, lively event where children and parents can practice ten critical resilience building block strategies.
  • What a great way to mark a book, with our Building Resilience Across the Life Span Bookmark! This 3" x 9" bookmark emphasizes building resilience across all age groups. Great for libraries and schools too! Available in English & Spanish!

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