9th Annual Conference
"Pathways to Resilience"

June 18-19, 2024




From Pillars to Pathways

We are excited to announce the upcoming Pathway to Resilience Conference in Roanoke, VA, to be held on June 18-19, 2024. The conference aims to gather experts, researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders in the fields of psychology, education, social work, and related disciplines to explore and discuss resilience from various angles.

This year, we’re reimagining Edith Grotberg’s traditional pillars of resilience, transforming them into dynamic pathways that guide us towards a stronger future. We are pleased to invite proposals for breakout presenters focusing on what we are referring to as the ‘pathways to resilience’. These pathways will serve as the guiding themes for our conference, and we welcome submissions that explore, challenge, and illuminate these key areas:

Pathways to Supports

This pathway emphasizes the continuous journey of identifying, seeking, and utilizing resources. It recognizes that the resources and support an individual needs may change over time and that actively engaging with these resources is an ongoing process.

Pathways to Self

This pathway puts an emphasis on ongoing personal development, self-reflection, and growth. It recognizes that self-awareness and confidence are not fixed traits but evolve through experiences, relationships, and self-discovery. It uncovers the internal attributes that enable us to face challenges with courage and wisdom.

Pathways to Connection

This pathway embarks on a quest to understand how our relationships and problem-solving skills create bridges, connect lives, and strengthen communities. The pathway represents an active, lifelong learning process that includes acquiring new skills, adapting existing ones, and applying them dynamically as life’s
challenges evolve.

Pathways to Play

This innovative segment is keenly focused on how the concept of play can be a pivotal resilience- building strategy in various contexts, including sports coaching, classroom teaching, and workplace leadership.

Play in Coaching – In sports coaching, we’ll explore how coaches can use play to bolster performance and the wellbeing of athletes.

Play in the Classroom – For teachers, the track will highlight play’s role in enhancing student engagement and learning resilience in the classroom.

Play in the Workplace – In the workplace, leaders will discover how play can foster a resilient, innovative, and collaborative work culture.

We are particularly enthusiastic about presentations that integrate this theme across these diverse areas, offering a holistic view on the transformative impact of play. This focus allows for an exploration of interdisciplinary research, practices, and experiences that demonstrate how play serves as a universal tool in promoting resilience, whether in educational, athletic, community, or business environments.

We encourage innovative, evidence-based, and experiential presentations that will offer attendees new insights and practical strategies. Collaborative proposals that bring together multiple perspectives are especially welcomed.

Proposals to present at the conference should explicitly identify the sectors that are most relevant to your proposed session. This information will help us to align your insights with the attendees’ specific interests and professional fields. Priority industries for this conference include Education, Health Care, Community Services, and Business.

We look forward to your innovative contributions and engagement at the Pathway to Resilience Conference. Together, we’ll explore the many sides of resilience and create new ways to understand, grow, and work together.

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