Trauma-Informed Leadership


Are you looking to enhance your leadership skills and gain a deeper understanding of trauma and how to lead those with trauma?

The Trauma-Informed Leadership Certification program from CRI Resilient offers a unique opportunity to build your knowledge and abilities. This will help you fully understand how the brain works, and the implications on how people think, feel, and act, which can transform the way you lead others.

With our comprehensive training program, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the impact of trauma on individuals and communities, and learn how to apply this knowledge in your leadership role. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the program, providing you with hands-on experience and practical skills you can immediately apply to your work.

The trauma-informed leadership certification program includes:

Rick Griffin
Meet course instructor, Rick Griffin
  • In-depth training on trauma and its effects
  • Strategies for creating a trauma-informed workplace and organization
  • Techniques for working with individuals and communities impacted by trauma
  • Best practices for developing and implementing trauma-informed policies and procedures
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and networking

Community Resilience Initiative is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

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