Additional Information About the Pathways

Power of Play Track

Welcome to the “Power of Play” breakout session track at the Pathways to Resilience Conference, where we embrace the timeless wisdom that play transcends age and is a vital component of a fulfilling life for everyone, from young adults to those more advanced in years. Grounded in a wealth of scientific research, this track unveils the profound impact of play in various spheres of life, including its pivotal role in enriching the workplace and deepening personal relationships. Through a series of engaging sessions, participants will discover innovative strategies to leverage play as a dynamic force for bolstering mental health, nurturing meaningful connections, and creating an atmosphere brimming with positivity and productivity.

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  • Creating Epic Community: Using Play to Build Connection by Claire Louge
  • Creating Inclusive Environments by Mary Koval
  • Play with a Purpose by Rick Griffin
  • Student Athlete’s Passion and Purpose by Cora Taylor
  • Building Resilience Through Free Play: The Vision of PlayLab at Roanoke College by Dr. Kimberly Garza and Dr. Jonathan McCloud

The Resilience Research Track

Embark on a journey of discovery within the “Resilience Research” track at the Pathways to Resilience Conference, a treasure trove of some the latest findings and groundbreaking methodologies from the forefront of resilience studies. This track offers attendees an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the minds shaping our understanding of resilience, presenting an array of innovative strategies and transformative practices designed to enhance resilience in a variety of contexts. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, this track promises to enrich your knowledge and inspire your approach to building resilience in individuals, communities, and organizations.

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  • Resilience Increases Among Elementary Students: How Does It Happen? by Dr. Dario Longhi, Becca O’Connor, and Teri Barila
  • Building Resilience Networks: Overcoming Obstacles in Sustaining a Trauma-Informed Workspace by Dr. Wallace Dixon, Dr. Suzette Fromm-Reed, and Dr. Judith Kent
  • Let’s Get REAL: Resources to Cultivate Resilience, Equity, and Learning by Hannah Cheever and Dr. Ryoko Yamaguchi

General Resilience Track

Explore the essence of enduring strength with the “General Resilience” breakout session track at the Pathways to Resilience Conference, designed to equip professionals from all walks of life with the tools to navigate the complexities of trauma and its aftermath. As research underscores the protective role of resilience, these sessions focus on the crucial aspects of recognizing, developing, and effectively deploying a wide array of support mechanisms tailored for different life phases and diverse challenges.

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  • Stronger Together: Resilience-Focused Approaches to Preventing Suicide by Michelle Wagaman and Jordan Brooks
  • Start Drawing: How to Shift Attention in Your Rooms by Evangeline Weiss
  • Building Community Strength and Resilience After Gunfire by Joshua Webner
  • It’s Giving Safety and Connection: Making the Science of Resilience Accessible to Youth Audiences by Hannah Firdyiwek and Paige DiPirro
  • Be a Resilience Champion by Mackenzie Chitwood and Bettina Mason
  • What’s Strong with You? by Claire Louge
  • Workforce Resilience – Unpacking Self-Care by John Richardson-Lauve
  • C.H.A.T.S. (Connecting Humans and Telling Stories) by Samantha Crockett and Ginny Moorer
  • Surviving Extinction: A Roadmap to Personal and Community Resilience by Helga Luest
  • Building Resilience: A Whole-Child Approach by Rachel Whaley
  • Rebuilding Bonds: Nurturing Connectedness After Trauma by Keith Cartwright
  • Community-Based Counseling: an Innovative Model for Accessible Mental Health Care by Decca Knight and Sarah Harig
  • Bias: A Different Type of Four-Letter Word by Lonney Gregory
  • Taming the Hidden Dragons: Navigating the Path to Self-Awareness and Deeper Connections by Barbara Gustavson
  • Unbreakable Spirits: Resilience Skills Forged Behind Bars by Alexis Osborn
  • Mobilizing a Community in the Wake of the Maui Wildfires – Developing a Trauma-Informed and Culturally Responsive Framework by Tia L.P. Hartsock and Keala Kaopuiki-Santos
  • Safer Tomorrows Road Map: Shifting From Crisis Work to Ending Violence by Kari Kerr and Therese Hugg
  • Mastering the Art of Communication: It Begins with You by Donald Toldson, Sr.
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