Trauma-Informed Leadership Certification

By better understanding how our brains work, we can learn how to work better together.

Trauma-Informed Leadership Series

The trauma-informed movement has made us aware of the impact of our individual experiences on our own brain. Yet, the impact of our brain on our everyday experiences has not been completely explored. Understanding how the brain works, and the implications on how people think, feel, and act, can transform the way you lead others. In this new training series, Community Resilience Initiative challenges old stereotypes about trauma and brain function based on recent neuroscience discoveries. The Trauma-Informed Leadership series contains eight (8) separate sessions for individuals to help them harness the power of neuroscience.

The Series Introduction and Neuro-Mechanisms are prerequisites for the series. The other sessions can be taken out of sequence. Each
session was designed to help individuals gain sought-after leadership skills with a focus on the emerging science.

8 Sessions

The series contains eight separate sessions. All are designed to help participants harness the immense power of neuroscience.

24 Hours

Each of the eight sessions in the series is roughly three hours in duration, for a total of 24 hours of instruction.

3 Formats

The series will be offered in person, in select locations and virtually. In the future, we will offer the series on demand.

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