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Inspiring healthier communities with science-based insights in order to promote and cultivate resilience

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Our Story

CRI’s story started as the result of a challenge by Dr. Rob Anda in 2007. He said, “Go home and make something happen” at a Community Public Health conference. 

So that is what Teri Barila did with the help of Annett Bovent and Mark Brown. Together with local community members, CRI started as a grassroots movement to inform its local community about the negative health effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) if left unaddressed. The documentary Paper Tigers was based on one of several community building initiatives in Walla Walla, WA at the time. 

Over a decade later, CRI is now a nonprofit organization conducting trauma-informed training online and in person, across the continent. CRI is recognized as a leader in trauma-informed training and offers several levels of training based on Knowledge, Insight, Strategies and Structures (K.I.S.S.), its blueprint for building community capacity. 


CRI was founded on the belief that what is predictable is preventable. We are a catalyst for transforming existing systems to improve health and wellbeing. We strive for a world that replaces judgment with compassion and empathy so all people can thrive.

Core Values


Relationships are the number one protective factor. Humans are social and crave to belong and be loved.


Culture is diverse and many communities are multicultural and we believe culture has to be fluid.


We believe diverse communities are resilient communities--variation is the norm.


Knowledge is power and enables people to make informed decisions based on the current scientific findings.


Resilience is a skill that must be modeled, taught and practiced--everyone has the capacity to build resilience.


Sustainability is paramount to transforming systems for healthy and equitable communities.


Every person has the right to thrive, be happy and healthy.

"CRI helped me get the help that I needed - both in physical needs and also in helping me come to understand how to build the positive into my life."
Annett Bovent
Director/Founder of Hope Heals, Walla Walla