38 states

We have trained individuals from over 30 states across America.

14 countries

Our courses have reached individuals from 14 countries around the world.

8,660+ trained

From January to October of 2021, over 8,000 individuals attended our trainings.

Our trainings are informed by the newest trauma and resilience science. We offer over 20 courses, all of which begin with the foundational knowledge of how trauma impacts the brain. Our courses teach various resilience strategies that can promote healing.

Trauma-Informed Certifications

Want to learn skills for addressing and preventing trauma while building resilience? We offer our certified signature training courses in the following formats: in-person, live webinar, and self-paced on-demand.

Become a Certified Trauma Trainer

Want to train others utilizing the CRI material? Our Training of Trainers Course will provider you with the knowledge and experience you need to be an instructor of our Certified Trauma-Informed Course.

Customized Trainings & Support

We will customize our material to fit your needs. Every journey is unique, and we can help structure your learning based on your starting point on the spectrum from trauma-focused to resilience-building.

I was able to take CRI Course 1 [Trauma-Informed] as a requirement for my work in direct care at Bridge Receiving Center, a residential therapeutic transitional program for children first entering foster care. These children come to us directly from whatever trauma has happened in their homes. We want to provide a healing start to their time in foster care instead of another layer of trauma. The CRI training about trauma informed care taught us skills that the children we work with need vs. depending on old ideas of rewards and punishments. We discovered ways to build resilience strategies for the children, especially paying attention to what drives their behavior. We learned from this training that all of their challenging behaviors are a result of what happened to them before coming to us. Even if we do not have all of the details about the trauma history for each child, Rick Griffin provides ideas and strategies that actually work well with children who have experienced trauma of any kind. We have benefitted from his training which taught us to maintain a positive environment, be affirming, and resolve conflicts. One of the best aspects of the training is learning ways to teach the regulation skills to the children who so desperately need them. These children can then take their new regulatory skills into their lives and hopefully find better resolution to some of the challenges they may face each day.This training has made such a significant difference in the ways we deal with troubled children, and hopefully in how they experience life going forward.
Robyn Lee
Educational Coordinator & Direct Care Staff, Bridge Receiving Center

Signature Course Offerings

Course 1: Trauma-Informed

This introductory course discusses emerging scientific findings in the fields of N.E.A.R science, how to use the knowledge of brain networks to understand behavior, and CRI’s signature strategy to responding to trauma. The key objective is to provide information about identifying and responding to trauma with evidence-based resilience strategies when working with an audience whose trauma history may not be known. 

Course 2: Trauma-Supportive

This 2-part, six-hour live webinar course will help you to transform your organization, classroom, or family through resilience-based strategies. Using trauma-informed principles, attendees will learn more than 30 strategies and promising approaches utilized by some of the nation’s finest trauma-informed practitioners. 

*Must take Course 1 prior to this course.

Course 3: Trauma-Practitioners

This four-part training will teach the trauma-informed approach to understanding and helping individuals with behavioral challenges. While this has traditionally been approached with reward and punishment, while this course focuses on teaching individuals the skills they may lack while resolving the problems that tend to precipitate challenging behavior.

*Must take Course 1 prior to this course.

Become a Certified Trauma Trainer

Training the Trainer Course Offerings

Course 1: Trauma-Informed Trainer

This course prepares individuals to train others with CRI’s Course 1: Trauma-Informed Certification. Attendees will learn to deliver relevant research and receive training tips to present everything from the N.E.A.R. Sciences to CRI’s signature research-based approach to responding to trauma. This course also introduces individuals to ECTcellence, a trauma-informed instructional framework to effectively and efficiently facilitate the learning process.  

*Attendees must have taken Course 1: Trauma-Informed.

Course 2: Trauma-Supportive Trainer

This 4-part course prepares individuals to conduct CRI’s Course 2: Trauma-Supportive Certification. Attendees will learn to deliver material consistent with relevant science regarding resilience-based practices with universal application. This course also introduces individuals to Trauma-Informed Facilitation, a powerful tool for trainers that helps to allow everyone in a learning environment to feel safe enough to engage with the material, the facilitator, and other learners.

*Attendees must have taken Course 1: Trauma-Informed and Course 2: Trauma-Supportive.

Framing Your Community Initiative Workshop

This two-day hands-on workshop will help participants frame their own community initiatives. The workshop will help participants elevate questions and concepts of individual resilience to a community-wide level. They will examine their communities from the perspective of social determinants of health. This workshop’s goal is to provide a foundation and nourishing framework for enriching our communities now and in the future.

*Attendees must have taken Course 1: Trauma-Informed.

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