Community Engagement

CRI has been building resilience in Walla Walla for nearly 20 years by:

And we have only just begun.

Our focus for 2022 and beyond is to move from ‘me to we’, from individual resilience to community resilience.

We are forging strong relationships with local organizations in order to:
– share resources
– make initiatives more collaborative
– reach a wider audience with diverse needs and interests
– focus on the common goal of community-wide results.

We want to increasingly focus on youth and make them true partners in designing and implementing community resilience programs and initiatives.

In order to enhance local collaboration and project planning, we have started a Resilience Coordinating Council (RCC) and hope to attract a diverse set of members, representing all of Walla Walla. If you would like to be part of the RCC, please contact Ursula Volwiler at

Check out the PACEs Connection Blog here.

Community calendar

October is Resilience Month (ORM)

At CRI, we’ve turned ORM into an annual tradition that supports our efforts at community engagement and resilience building. ORM anchors us to our community and is a month dedicated to celebrating and strengthening our inner resilience. Read more for highlights!

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