LinkedIn Scavenger Hunt

Join us in this exciting scavenger hunt to enrich your conference experience, network with peers, and gain valuable insights. Let’s make this conference unforgettable!

Exciting Rewards:

  • All participants who complete the scavenger hunt will receive $50 credit for any of CRI’s courses.
  • The first participant to complete all the tasks will receive $200 in training credit with CRI!

How to Participate:

Complete the following LinkedIn posts throughout the conference. Don’t forget to tag CRI in all your posts to get credit! Also, we encourage you to tag the individuals in the photo. You are welcome to get a head start by posting your Great Expectations post before the conference begins.

  1. Great Expectations: Share the name of a breakout session you’re excited to attend.
  2. Name Tag Photo: Post a photo of your name tag.
  3. Tri-State Photo: Snap a photo with attendees from three different states.
  4. Alumni Photo: Find and post a photo with an attendee who was at last year’s conference.
  5. Speaker Photo: Take a photo with one of our keynote or breakout speakers.
  6. Session Insights Sharing: After attending a session, share your key takeaways or favorite quotes.
  7. Networking Selfie: Post a selfie with someone new you’ve met at the conference.
  8. Live Posting Challenge: Live-post during specific sessions or keynotes using the conference hashtag.
  9. Find the ‘Mystery Attendee’: Discover the ‘mystery attendee’ and post a selfie with them. Clues will be periodically released on LinkedIn.
  10. Caption This: Post a funny or intriguing photo related to the conference with a unique caption.
  11. Performed All Post: Post a statement when you have completed all the previous 10 posts and your thoughts about the Scavenger Hunt or your thoughts about receiving the training credit for completion. 
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