Digital Products

Real Life Super Heroes Digital Experience


Our Super Heroes digital experience introduces ten very special children, facing challenging life experiences such as homelessness and bullying. Beautiful child-friendly graphics show how we can learn to manage our responses to stress by building a toolkit of strategies. This is an interactive online game, encouraging use of the 42 resilience strategies from the child-focused deck of cards, from a child’s perspecti

Building Resilience Journal


This digital / on demand version of the Resilience Journal is designed to be used in conjunction with the CRI’s STAMP Training. The purpose of this journal is to help you attain long-term increases in your level of resilience.  The journal describes a set of 30 activities to be done at your convenience. We encourage you to practice one activity each day and evaluate the activity for personal fit.  At the end of the 30 days you will have found several activities that fit you well. More importantly, you will have found activities that you would happily continue as lifetime habits.