October is Resilience Month 2022

Join CRI in practicing daily resilience-building strategies every day throughout the month of October!

Kickoff starts Saturday, October 1 at the Walla Walla Public Library. Teacher Brittany from Moonshadow Music will be bringing the entertainment. Gather ’round and hear her child-friendly songs about building resilience, staying safe, and finding your calm. This free event is fun for the whole family! Many thanks to the Walla Walla Public Library for hosting this family-oriented event.

Beginning on October 6th, CRI’s Director of Community Engagement Becky Turner will be hosting free webinars about fostering resilience through connecting with nature, connecting with the self, connecting the family, and bringing resilience to your community. You can join these free, public webinars by clicking on this Zoom link. See you there!

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