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Why Community Resilience Initiative (CRI)?

Our community-building framework and 21 years’ experience in capacity building is the essence of what created the platform for Paper Tigers. From its beginning, CRI focused on creating a community conversant in ACEs and Resilience, aiming to embed these principles into action through its multiple partners, agencies, and organizations. This focus, shared leadership, learning and reflection on results led to state and national recognition, partly fueled by the power of the story told in the documentary Paper Tigers, which focused on one of the many sectors involved in the CRI movement. Contributors to CRI’s community-building efforts include the Juvenile Justice Center, Children’s Administration, Walla Walla Public Schools, Catholic Charities, The Health Center, Broetje Orchards, Vista Hermosa, Jubilee Leadership Academy, the Department of Community Health, the Chamber of Commerce, and emerging partnerships with area healthcare providers. Today, CRI focuses on institutionalizing its community learning through trainings, teaching tools and conferences.

View research that supports CRI’s unique community-based approach that combine the science, evidence-based strategies, and our 21-year history of building Knowledge, Insight, Strategies and Structure (KISS framework) into a community of practice on our resource page.

“When you’re working with a community that looks at trauma as a collective response, you’re speaking the same language. You have the same goal in mind. It is such a powerful model.” – Jim Sporleder

“I am a firm believer that in order to lead a person, you really need to understand the prism through which they see the world. You have to really understand how that individual is processing the information flooding their senses [in a fight/flight event]. Businesses can learn a lot from this. Your ACE and Resilience presentation helped me see how to decipher the receiver’s prism.” –  Mark Kajita, CEO & President Baker Boyer Bank, Walla Walla WA

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge with our community this week!  I do believe you’ve lit a fire here. I received a call first thing this morning from one attendee who is absolutely energized to get training into their school for every employee. Our Board member Ray Daniels (past Superintendent for the KCK Public Schools) said “everyone was buzzing as they left the session.”  You’ve created energy here that otherwise would have taken months to build, if ever.  Many thanks for everything you both did to help make our events so successful.” – Cathy Harding President & CEO of  Wyandotte Health Foundation

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